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Pop-Up Stand and Backdrop


Printberry Pop up Stands are an excellent medium to display brand prestige at events like exhibitions, concerts, sporting events, trade fair, festivals and many more. At Printberry, our pop up stands comes in 2 varieties. Magnetic or Velcro with complete lightening accessories Prices from #170,000. Delivery time: is between 3 to 4 working Days within […]

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Vehicle Branding


These include Car branding, Bus branding, Truck branding, Motorcycle dispatch box branding, oil Tanker branding, etc.,  Car branding is awesome for Brand prestige, campaigns, Product launch, and marketing promotion purposes. You can brand a vehicle in various different ways, allowing for all levels of budgets. Each method will dictate how effective it is in promoting & marketing your product or service.

The common type of Vehicle wrap is a full vehicle or part branding.

For salon cars, a full Vehicle wrap is #55,000

For SUV and Wagon, Full Vehicle wrap is #65,000

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Delivery time: is between 3-4 working Days within Lagos and 5 working days outside Lagos